Tieback Anchors are a construction element that is used to actively apply tensile forces to structures. Tiebacks can be used on new construction or to remediate existing structures. Tiebacks can be constructed out of strands of cable or reinforcing bar grouted into the soil. Tiebacks will always contain a bond breaker (unbounded length) in the first ten to fifteen feet to ensure the load is transferred deep enough into the soil and to provide an adequate amount of free stressing length. The unbounded length can be increased depending on the design requirements. Tiebacks can be installed at a wide variety of angles but are typically installed at ten to twenty degrees below horizontal. They can be permanent or temporary depending on their application, with the permanent tiebacks requiring additional corrosion protection techniques. AVAR also utilizes post grouting techniques to minimize overall tieback lengths to prevent encroachment into neighboring properties. AVAR’s most common use of permanent Tiebacks are in Tieback-Shotcrete retaining walls. Tieback-Shotcrete retaining walls are typically constructed from the top down using spacing and loads defined by the design engineer. Tie tiebacks are installed, tested and locked off to the load required by the design. Our most common use of temporary tiebacks is in Soldier Beam and Lagging shoring systems. The use of temporary tiebacks in these shoring systems reduces the length and size requirements of the soldier beams and alleviates a significant portion of the materials costs of these projects for our clients.