Soldier Beams are a shoring or earth retention system that consists of vertically installed wide flanged beams or H piles. The beams are typically installed on eight foot centers, but the spacing can vary depending on the soil conditions and the design requirements. Soldier beams can be cast in concrete in a drilled hole, or vibrated into place. Soldier beams can be installed with tiebacks, or a cantilever fashion. After installation of the solider beams, the site is typically excavated in five foot lifts and lagged on the way down. Lagging can be made of pressure treated lumber, shotcrete or steel piles. The lagging is placed between the webs of two adjacent soldier beams, and is held in place by the flange of the beams and soil it is retaining. Soldier beam and lagging systems have numerous applications. Our most frequent application of solider beams is shoring for new construction in cities.