Post grouting is a process for increasing the capacity of tiebacks, tiedowns, rock anchors, and micropiles. Post grouting involves injected pressurized grout into the bonded area of the anchor. The injection process significantly increases the capacity of our anchors beyond their theoretical limits. Post grouting increases the capacity in a variety of ways. First, the pressurized grout compacts/consolidates the soil immediately surrounding the anchor. This increases the soils shear strength and its ability to take the loads from the anchor. Secondly, the pressurized grout creates a grout bulb effectively increasing the diameter of the ground anchor. The larger diameter anchor is able to pass an additional load to a greater volume of soil through increased area of contact. With post grouting, we are typically able to achieve anchor capacities of two to five times their theoretical values. Using post grouting techniques, AVAR is able to significantly shorten the length of our anchors for cases when encroachment onto neighboring properties or roads is strictly prohibited.